January 2020 meeting - speakers bios and Big Data information

Fri, 12/13/2019 - 11:34
by Liz Dawber

Kellie Goldfien, CPCU will be installing the 2020 RI CPCU Board of Officers and Directors

Kellie Goldfien, CPCU, is a Client Director and Vice President at Willis Towers Watson. She works with a variety of large, complex and global organizations in her role at Willis Towers Watson and is a speaker and published author on various insurance topics. Throughout her career, Kellie has been closely involved in professional insurance organizations at the local, state and national level. Kellie received a B. A. in English and Legal Studies from the University of Massachusetts. She also holds an M. B. A. from the University of Delaware.

Kellie currently serves as the national Secretary/Treasurer for the CPCU Society.

The speaker is Dean Ansermoz. Dean is a Director of Product Management at Qlik(http://www.qlik.com [qlik.com]). Qlik provides end-to-end, real-time data integration and analytics solutions that help organizations access and transform all of their data into value.
In his role, Dean is responsible for Connectivity across Qlik’s products and platform. He has spent the past 7 years at Qlik and 15 years in the data and business intelligence space.

The title of his presentation is ‘Insuring Success with Big Data and Analytics’. The presentation summary is as follows:

‘Insuring Success with Big Data and Analytics’ Everyone has heard the buzz words ‘big data’ and ‘analytics’ – but what do they really mean? Please join us for our January meeting where a Business Intelligence and Data subject matter expert will discuss the intro mechanics of Big Data and Analytics. We will discuss how they are used in the insurance industry and how they are changing the decision making landscape of global business. Finally, we will cover machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. This presentation will cover the technology that is at the forefront of the insurance industry and participants will leave with a solid understanding of what these key topics mean and how they will continue to impact the global landscape.

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